Have you prepared your family and yourself to face any crisis?

Do you worry about how dangerous & unpredictable the world is today?

Do you have a survival plan to insure you & your loved ones have food, water and warmth when a major crisis hits?

Our society is deteriorating quickly and is increasingly unpredictable. Without today’s modern conveniences most of us would have no clue how to survive. Think about it! Where would you be without a car, cell phone, refrigerator, internet, air travel, grocery stores, indoor plumbing? What would you if you could no longer pay for anything due to a national crisis? Today we’re living with the threats of natural disaster, terrorist attacks, pandemics, economic collapse and even a massive power grid failure. Scary stuff for sure but every minute you spend now preparing and getting ready is an hour earned later!

Dear Friends,

Hello, I’m Claude Davis. Some of you may know me from my askaprepper.com website or you may have seen my warnings in the media.  Through my parents and grandparents experiences, I’ve learned to NEVER take anything for granted! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about how to survive a crisis. A couple of pearls I’ll share right now: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!  Secondly: In the end it’s always up to you! Through my life experiences I’ve learned to look back at how those in the 1850’s or earlier survived.  Those ways are largely lost now. But thankfully you’re in luck my friend!


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First & foremost, a perfect survival plan must be practical and affordable.
A perfect survival plan must teach you & your family how to hunt & trap when the food runs out.
A perfect survival plan will show how to save & preserve water for months on end.
A perfect survival plan must be simple enough for you & your family to use on Day 1.

With information
With knowledge
With an Action Plan

The more knowledge and training you have, the better prepared you’ll be for the day  a life-threatening emergency hits.

It’s for this reason my survival plan teaches you how to make beverages, the art of making pemmican, basic spycraft, how to roll your own ammo, the art of making herbal poultice for treating wounds, navigation without GPS, cooking on an open flame, oral hygiene when there is none to be bought, making soap and the list goes on and on. This is truly a treasure trove of lost knowledge. But for you, if you act now, you can have my survival blueprint in digital format, hardcopy or both, all at a very reasonable price. No charge for the peace of mind you’re going to get!

After many years of  experience and application, I’ve built a survival plan that is practical, flexible, affordable and realistic. Anybody can follow this as long as you put aside a few minutes now to save hours and possibly your life later.

This is a step-by-step plan that you can quickly learn and use to survive any disaster. The strategies here are condensed, distilled and laid out for you in an easy-to-read and simple-to-follow manner. It is a one of a kind, essential survival and preparedness manual for all.

My plan offers practical application which will help reduce the disaster anxiety you might be feeling. Why? Because when you pick up a copy of my plan and study it you’re gonna have a rock solid plan as well!  For a limited time I’m also including three special bonus reports.

Bonus #1: What you need to grow in your backyard to survive.

Bonus #2: How to survive the mother of all disasters - an EMP.

Bonus #3: How to rotate your food storage inventory, complete with pictures!

In summary, the Claude Davis survival plan is written & organized strategically to enhance your  comprehension, retention and recall!.

1. It’s simple and easy to apply once you know the secrets.
2. It includes skills & drills to practice what you’ve learned.
3. It enables you to become successful for long term crisis survival.
4. It absolutely will sky rocket your survival skills confidence.
5. It’s pioneer tested and proven!
6. It’s affordable!

Because we’re living in such unbelievably dangerous times I want as many people as possible to  grab a copy of my survival plan. So for a very limited time I’m offering my plan in BOTH digital and hardcopy & the three bonus reports available for a rock bottom $37! This barely covers my research & production costs but you need this knowledge! So act now, click below, listen to my story, it’ll get your attention and grab a copy today!  Share this site with your friends & loved ones using the social media buttons located at the top & bottom of this site. They’ll thank you later!

I understand that a small part of you may still be sceptical. So I will take care of that issue right now. I’m going to go on the line and bet my own money that this will work for you. With the most powerful guarantee I can possibly offer:

There’s zero risk to you, it’s all upside.  The way I see it you have three options:

1) Hope things get better and a crisis never strikes America;

2) Start spending lots of money and valuable time tracking down & studying survival experts.

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